The FBI uses malware to combat online anonymity

Editor’s Note: Anonymity already compromised if using TOR – TOR Originally sponsored by the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory  Source: Engadget Online anonymity is a beautiful, terrible thing, so naturally governments and law enforcement types are eager to see what happens behind the web’s closed… Continue Reading


Source: Today’s dismounted squads use many different technologies to gather and share information. In many instances, however, these valuable but disparate inputs are not well integrated, leaving squad members without the degree of real-time situational awareness and support for… Continue Reading

DARPA Has Genetically Engineered Super Blood to Protect Soldiers From a Major Threat

Source: MIC  Biological warfare might be the next big concern for the military, but it has come up with an appropriately sci-fi invention of its own: genetically engineered blood. A new study funded by DARPA, the scientific research arm of the… Continue Reading

ARL scientists teleport information, demonstrate promise for more secure, high-speed battlefield communication

Source: ARL.MIL Teleportation, a long-standing staple in the world of science fiction, has become a reality for scientists at the U.S. Army Research Laboratory in terms of battlefield data and image processing. ARL quantum information principal investigator Ronald Meyers and… Continue Reading

Insect-inspired technology to extend battlefield situational awareness

Source: U.S. Army Soldiers’ missions frequently lead them to locations where they must assess the status of structures, and where the presence of threats is not immediately known or easily detectable.These threats include ambushes and chemical and biological threats that… Continue Reading

US military begins research into moral, ethical robots, to stave off Skynet-like apocalypse

Source: Extreme Tech The US Department of Defense, working with top computer scientists, philosophers, and roboticists from a number of US universities, has finally begun a project that will tackle the tricky topic of moral and ethical robots. This multidisciplinary… Continue Reading

Analysis: How the UK connects to the US global drone network

            Source: Computer Weekly A Computer Weekly investigation subsequently established that the UK plays a crucial role in supporting the US military network by providing part of the core communications backbone used by drone operations. DISN… Continue Reading