Insect-inspired technology to extend battlefield situational awareness

Source: U.S. Army Soldiers’ missions frequently lead them to locations where they must assess the status of structures, and where the presence of threats is not immediately known or easily detectable.These threats include ambushes and chemical and biological threats that… Continue Reading

US military begins research into moral, ethical robots, to stave off Skynet-like apocalypse

Source: Extreme Tech The US Department of Defense, working with top computer scientists, philosophers, and roboticists from a number of US universities, has finally begun a project that will tackle the tricky topic of moral and ethical robots. This multidisciplinary… Continue Reading

Inside the Military’s New Office for Cyborgs:Biological Technology Office

                  Source: Defense One The ability to link human brains to machines, create new life forms and build Star Trek-style disease detectors will be the focus of a new Defense Department office soon. The… Continue Reading

Pentagon to adapt drones to communicate with each other during aerial battles

  Source: USA Today U.S. drones fly with virtual impunity over Afghanistan, Pakistan and Yemen, firing deadly missiles at targets with little concern the highly effective aircraft will be shot down. Pentagon planners expect such freedom will eventually disappear as… Continue Reading

DARPA’s Newest X-Plane Concepts Are All Robots

          Source: IEEE Spectrum Yesterday, DARPA announced the four companies that’ll be competing to develop a new experimental aircraft that combines the efficiency of an airplane with the versatility of a helicopter. It’ll be something like a V-22… Continue Reading

DARPA’s hot for futuristic helicopter-like delivery drones

Source: CNET In hard-to-reach warzones, it can be near impossible to get supplies to ground soldiers or conduct rescue missions without coming under enemy fire or landing in minefields. Given these logistical issues, the US Department of Defense in its… Continue Reading