Pentagon’s psychological operations- Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare: ‘We worked with a military adviser’

Editor’s Note: The populous is continuously being desensitized to war through scripted news, music and gaming sponsored by the direct involvement of pentagon officials and advisers. Source: HITC The next threat to the...

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For sale: Systems that can secretly track where cellphone users go around the globe

    Editor’s Note: Your movements, habits and privacy are tracked and surveyed by governments and corporations because information is a commodity. Source: Washington Post Makers of surveillance systems are offering governments across the world the ability to...

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New York State and DHS collecting and archiving tens of millions of records that track vehicle movement

Source: USA Today In a crime-fighting tactic that sets civil libertarians’ teeth on edge, police in Monroe County and other urban counties across New York state are collecting and archiving tens of millions...

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The age of stillborn

Sci-fi Writers Predicted Civil War in Ukraine

Editor’s Note:Intelligence Officers have to be very aware of these novels since Fyodor Berezin is Defense Minister and commander of the Armed forces of the People’s Republic of Donetsk. Related Article-The Spy Novelist Who Knows...

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Tahrir Square Rally

US military studied how to influence Twitter,Pinterest, Kickstarter, Digg and Reddit users in Darpa-funded research

Source: Guardian The activities of users of Twitter and other social media services were recorded and analysed as part of a major project funded by the US military, in a program that covers...

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Misguided Perception or Outright Fabrication Start Wars – The American Way of War

Source: LA Times “We must resist our dreams of managing history.” —Reinhold Niebuhr, “The Irony of American History” (1952) When you study how the U.S. goes to war, there is a prevalent though...

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latvia nato

NATO to set up Latvia Strategic Communications Propaganda Center to Counter Russia

Source: Itar-Tass Officials of Latvia, Estonia, Italy, Lithuania, Poland, Britain, and Germany have signed a memorandum on setting up NATO’s center for strategic communications in Riga, the capital of Latvia.  A report released...

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FBI, CIA Use Backdoor Searches To Warrentlessly Spy On Americans’ Communications

Source: Tech Dirt The other shoe just dropped when it comes to how the federal government illegally spies on Americans. Last summer, the details of the NSA’s “backdoor searches” were revealed. This involved big collections...

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Predicting crime, LAPD’s Geographic Policing Divisions

Source: Guardian The Los Angeles Police Department, like many urban police forces today, is both heavily armed and thoroughly computerised. The Real-Time Analysis and Critical Response Division in downtown LA is its central processor. Rows...

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National Reconnaissance Office wants to tap video game technology

Source: USA Today The National Reconnaissance Office (NRO), the secretive agency that launches and runs the nation’s spy satellite system, is looking at technology developed by the video game industry to help it improve...

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IMSI Catcher

IMSI catcher: Eavesdropping Equipment Sucks All Data Off Your Phone

Source: Newsweek Call it the “IMSI catcher” war, with the acronym standing for International Mobile Subscriber Identity. Every device that communicates with a cell tower—mobile phone, smartphone or tablet—has one. What StingRay (manufactured...

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drone DoD

U.S. Has Been Secretly Flying Unmanned Surveillance Drones Over Iraq For The Last Year

Editor’s Note: Why are politicians and military analysts awed, shocked and stunned by ISIS militants speed, capture and control of key resource areas and strategic infrastructure? Because they are likely delusion lying schizophrenics. With 24/7 drone surveillance, satellite imagery...

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How US Policy on Iran Came to Be Based on Fabricated Documents-and was likely produced by Israel.

Source: Nation [...] The insistence that Iran must not be allowed to have the enrichment facilities that would support a civilian nuclear program is the logical consequence of a false narrative about Iran—namely,...

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SPAWAR probing into commercial undersea cables for maritime surveillance

Source: military aerospace U.S. Navy undersea warfare experts are trying to tap into the commercial undersea cable industry to find recent technological advances that might be useful in maritime surveillancesystems (MSS). Officials of the Space and...

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Coal spies: The secret world of black ops

Source: SMH The coal spies have put a spotlight on undercover surveillance methods. [...] The former military intelligence officer and Harley Davidson enthusiast called himself Tony Allen, and fitted in at first with...

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Germany Admits Shadowy Facilities Were Spy Stations

Source: Morning Star GERMANY’S foreign intelligence agency officially lifted the lid on some of its worst-kept secrets today and admitted that several shadowy facilities around the country were spy stations. The Federal Intelligence...

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Source: Register Above-top-secret details of Britain’s covert surveillance programme – including the location of a clandestine British base tapping undersea cables in the Middle East – have so far remained secret, despite being...

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