Military Contractors See Climate Change|Civil Unrest as Good for Business

Source: Takepart There are a million ways to make a buck these days and no one ever suggested that cashing in on real life disasters wasn’t fair game, as long as the bigger goal was to help rather than profit.… Continue Reading

The Battle for Water

Source: Project Syndicate The sharpening international geopolitical competition over natural resources has turned some strategic resources into engines of power struggle. Transnational water resources have become an especially active source of competition and conflict, triggering a dam-building race and prompting… Continue Reading

Climate Change Could Increase Armed Conflicts By 50 Percent Worldwide

Source: Smithsonian Climate change isn’t just affecting the natural world. Researchers have long understood that rising levels of greenhouse gas emissions will also have cascading ramifications on the dynamics of human society, whether by forcing refugees to flee from newly flood-prone… Continue Reading

We tried to weaponize the weather

Source: Salon The years between the first hydrogen bomb tests and the Limited Test Ban Treaty in 1963 saw more than just increased anxiety about the effects of nuclear testing on weather. They also saw increased interest in large-scale, purposeful… Continue Reading