America’s Deep State: Foreign Agents, Lobbyists, Corporations, Military-Intel

Source: John Stanton- Sri Lanka Guardian “In the period between the end of World War Two and Marshall’s meeting with Truman [May 12, 1948], the Joint Chiefs of Staff had issued no less...

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BAE systems tranformer

The future of warfare: self-healing aircraft and ‘transformer’ plane

  Source: Telegraph The experts at BAE Systems’ research and development team at Warton, Lancashire, also revealed the Survivor, a lightweight adhesive fluid built inside the aircraft, which means jets can heal themselves...

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Former Czech intelligence chief: “wouldn’t be surprised” at Czech and Pole mercenary claims in Ukraine

Source: Radio Prague Pro-Russian rebels operating in the far east of Ukraine have announced the capture of dozens of foreign mercenaries fighting on behalf of the government, including several Czechs and Poles. While...

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Capacity Training

Somaliland: a U.K. PSC to train and equip a special force to protect oil exploration

Source: Bloomberg [...] Special Force The UN is also concerned about the Somaliland government’s plan to hire Assaye Risk, a U.K.-based private security contractor, to train and equip a special force to protect oil...

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Israel Air Force opts for drones over attack helicopters

Source: Defense Update Israel has phased out the AH-1S Cobra helicopter gunship, in favour of using more drones, the Reuters news agency reports. The increasing reliance on unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) has evolved through the years, as...

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US ARMY Bell Iraq

War Machine Investments For The New World Order

Source: Forbes [...] Indeed, moving forward it’s pretty clear that external threats will not be limited to suicide bombings, cyber-attacks or other forms of unconventional warfare, and could originate anywhere at any time....

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The future soldier will be part human, part machine

          Source: CNBC Different divisions of the U.S. armed forces, as well as other government agencies such as Darpa, are all working on developing high-tech armor that will help...

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Indiana Armed for War: Pentagon surplus gives local police an edge

Source: Fox 59 As the American military draws down its commitments in Iraq and Afghanistan, stateside ports, armories, depots and warehouses are packed with excess military materiel and vehicles, some of them none-the-worse...

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The Real Winner of the Afghan War Is This Shady Military Contractor

        Source: Daily beast The State Department paid out $4 billion to rebuild Afghanistan. Some $2.5 billion of that went to a single firm with a bad, bad past. For...

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Night-vision contact lenses may be in your future

          Source: Military Times Here’s what you need to know: 1. What it is. Graphene is a single-atom layer of graphite. It’s the same material found in that No....

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Kiev decides to tame eastern Ukraine by hiring foreign mercenaries

              Source: Itar-Tass Ukrainian authorities plan to attract US private military company Greystone Limited to suppress protest moods of the mostly Russian-speaking population in the east of...

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Eisenhower’s military-industrial warning rings truer than ever

                    Editor’s Note: My opinion,  Edward Snowden is a CIA operative not hiding out in Russia. An open CIA- NSA intelligence war: CIA- HUMINT...

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DARPA’s Newest X-Plane Concepts Are All Robots

          Source: IEEE Spectrum Yesterday, DARPA announced the four companies that’ll be competing to develop a new experimental aircraft that combines the efficiency of an airplane with the versatility of a...

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U.S paid Dyncorp millions to rebuild Liberia’s Armed Forces

Source: aljazeera [...] In 2005 the United States and the Liberian government called for the Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL) to be rebuilt from scratch. The U.S. has spent more than $300 million on...

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Russian ‘Blackwater’ Takes Over Ukraine Airport

Source: Daily Beast The troops who have taken over two airports in Crimea are not Russian military, but they could be security contractors working for the Russian military, and they are there to...

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Google Glass for the Battlefield

Source: Wired Walking around Silicon Valley with an augmented reality display on your face makes you a glasshole. On the battlefield, though, similar technology will soon turn U.S. soldiers into a lethal cross...

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‘Windfalls of war’: Companies with spotty records making billions off Afghanistan

Source: Fox News The United States government has paid a company based in Switzerland more than $5 billion to feed the troops in Afghanistan, and thanks to a succession of no-bid contract extensions,...

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