The U.S. Treasury Department Is Sharing Bank Data With Intelligence Agencies

Source: IBT Even though the U.S. Treasury Department allows intelligence agencies such as the CIA and NSA to access Americans’ banking information, there are a few limits. At the end of last week,...

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War: is still very good for business

Source: Independent Ireland Simon Rowe - The Irish defence industry is making billions from selling key parts for everything from Apache helicopters, to unmanned military drones and miniature technology for cyber warfare.Irish-based companies are...

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SSI of the US Army War College: Waging Financial War

Source: ISN The United States is no stranger to waging financial warfare, observes David Katz. What’s different now, however, is its unique position within global financial markets. It’s enabling Washington to project power...

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Warship HMS Defender will secure vital sea lanes on first mission

Source: portsmouth.uk HMS Defender, which is based in Portsmouth, will spend six months on security operations in the Middle East for her maiden mission. The Type 45 destroyer will police busy shipping lanes in...

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SE Asia’s war on drugs is ‘fueling production’

  Source: UCANEWS.COM Cultivation of opium in Southeast Asia’s notorious Golden Triangle region has doubled in the past decade, according to an in-depth study that rebuffs claims by governments that an aggressive anti-narcotics policy...

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china flag


Source: Diplomatic Courier The economic growth of a nation, under certain conditions, can lead to a simultaneously expansionist foreign policy designed to ensure the establishment of its commercial and military influence in strategic...

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eurasian union


Source: AP The leaders of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan on Thursday created an economic union that intends to boost cooperation between the ex-Soviet neighbors, a pact which was at the source of the...

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People stand on trucks near oil fields in Al-Rmelan, Qamshli province

Extremist groups battle each other for control of Syria’s oil hub

Source: CSMonitor Fighting between extremist factions in eastern Deir ez Zor Province has escalated this week, killing dozens of rebels and forcing residents to flee. At stake is control of a large number...

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The Office of Terrorism and Financial Intelligence : Financial warfare is the new global warzone

          Source: Irish Examiner A branch of the US Treasury uses sophisticated financial tools to hit targets linked to hostile governments. This is the new global warzone, write Leah McGrath...

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U.S. Navy Preparing Bitcoin Battalion

      Source: Bitcoin Magazine Bitcoin Battalion Back in December we reported that the United States Air Force has quietly been working on a Bitcoin payment gateway otherwise known as a “snack...

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Germany sold €40 million of arms to Russia

        Source: Local.De The German government banned sales of arms classed as “weapons of war” – including nuclear, biological and chemical weapons – to Russia in January 2000, but that...

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TEENAGE PROSTITUTION IN SOUTH AFRICA - Fiona making a white pipe, half mandrax and dagga.  She spends most of her money on drugs and drink. Cape Town, 1999.

Mozambique: Africa’s new narco-state?

          Source: Guardian [...] Both the convoy of small fishing boats and their larger counterpart are here to do business, but not to exchange a few Malaysian bananas for...

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Israel Money Laundering and Terror Financing Prohibition Authority

            Source: Jerusalem Post Following bitcoin’s gaining a huge new footprint in Israel by unveiling its first Israeli ATM for obtaining bitcoins on March 30, it is worth...

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Smuggled Libya oil fuels Tunisia economy and instability

Source: Times of Oman Anger has been brewing in Tunisia’s smuggling hub of Ben Guerdane since the closure of its main border crossing stemmed the contraband Libyan petrol trade which fuels the local...

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US military protecting international banking cartel

Source: Press TV “My assessment is that 90% of the value of the US dollar comes from the US military.” — Former Assistant Housing Secretary Catherine Austin Fitts For decades, America has used...

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2i4q (1)

China may fund Filipino rebels

Source: Philippine Star Former Interior Secretary Rafael Alunan III warned against China’s feared retaliation through economic and environmental sanctions after Manila’s memorial is submitted to the arbitral tribunal on March 30. Alunan said...

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China-Europe route is the new ‘silk road’

Source: Taipei Times One of the world’s longest railways — a “modern-day silk road” — covers about 11,000km en route from the Chinese megacity of Chongqing to Duisburg, a key commercial hub in...

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