Mossad’s penetration in Africa, via the Red Sea, South Africa and South Sudan

              Source: Mondafrique Roughly translated The book by Eric Denécé and David Elkaim, “Israeli intelligence” (Editions Tallandier April 2014), a landmark on the intelligence services of Israel. Apart from some inevitable slag on Israel,… Continue Reading

Mossad Assassinates Syrian General

Source: Richard Silverstein The respected publication,Intelligence Online, reported today that Samir al-Sheikh, the Syrian general responsible for intelligence operations in the southern sector bordering the Golan Heights, was assassinated on April 13th.  The publication notes that the typical Syrian resistance… Continue Reading

Turkish draft law seeks to expand MIT powers – covert assassinations, sabotage, regime change/coups

              Source: Al Monitor The draft law that aims to strengthen Turkey’s National Intelligence Organization (MIT), to give it new tasks, and to provide additional financial resources was approved in the parliament. It awaits the president’s signature. Looking at… Continue Reading

Israel’s Nightmare: Mobsters With The Tactics Of Terrorists And The Tools Of The Israeli Army

          Source: Globalpost | Mintpress JERUSALEM — In the last year, fewer Israelis were killed by terrorist attacks than at any point since the outbreak of the second intifada. But as Palestinian terrorism has receded, bombings… Continue Reading

CIA operating drones airstrikes from two Yemeni military air bases

          Source: Defense Update Drone attacks in Yemen have killed about 40 people in Yemen since January 2014. While US drone activity in Yemen can be dated back to 2002, the attacks have been intensified since… Continue Reading

Ukrainian Ultranationalist Olexander Muzychko Assassinated in Special Operation

          Source: Ria Novosti Ukrainian ultranationalist Olexander Muzychko, put on an international wanted list for committing war atrocities in Russia’s Chechnya, was gunned down overnight in an operation by Ukrainian special forces, a senior official in… Continue Reading

Saudi Arabia’s covert war in Yemen

Source: Press TV The poorest and most restive country in the Arabian Peninsula, Yemen, is no stranger to violence and bloodshed. With so many factions aiming to assert and impose their political, tribal or religious will over that of others,… Continue Reading

Return of The Hit Men

Source: Now Toronto  As the white house issues dark warnings of a war on terrorism that will remain largely out of view and may go on for years, it is also quietly defining a new brand of conflict with ugly new… Continue Reading

Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) secret war in the Caucasus

Source: Osservatorio Analitico Translated What happens in the Caucasus is not very well known, and the newspapers Italians do not seem very interested in this strategic region, unless there are egregious attacks. It is not easy to follow the events and… Continue Reading

An Inside Look At the Israeli Spy Agency’s Secret Kill List

Source: PolicyMic Last Tuesday, a Hezbollah leader named Hussein Al-Laqis was shot in the head at close range outside of Beirut, Lebanon, raising questions as to Israel’s role in the targeted killing. Al-Laqis was a weapons-manufacturing expert who procured arms, computers, cameras, drones, and… Continue Reading

The highly classified American facility in Qatar, the Combined Air and Space Operations Center

Source: NYT Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel’s visit to the advanced air operations center here this week was not just a stop at an important outpost of the United States military. It was also a major step forward for Pentagon transparency.… Continue Reading