Britain under threat from plot to create super-powerful EU president ‘that will mean the end to nation states’

Source: Daily Mail

Britain could be stripped of even more powers under plans to create a new super-powerful EU president who would not be directly elected by voters.

A group of Eurocrats have secretly devised a scheme to merge the jobs currently done by Herman Van Rompuy, president of the European Council, and Jose Manuel Barroso, president of the European Commission.

The new Europe chief would be in charge of both the administrative and political arms of the EU and have sweeping control over the entire union.

‘This is a plot by people who want to abolish nation states and create a United States of Europe,’ said Lord Stoddart.

‘The whole thing is barmy. These people are determined to achieve their final objective.

‘The only hope for Britain is to leave the EU and become an independent nation.’

Tory backbench MP Douglas Carswell said: ‘It doesn’t matter how you arrange the offices of these technocrats, they are useless at arranging our lives for us and they are not elected so they have no legitimacy.’

Former Portuguese premier Mr Barroso, was elected to his post by members of the European Union and is said to resent Belgian Mr Van Rompuy, who was chosen by the heads of ­government of EU member states.

Lord Stoddart warned that informal discussions within the EU have a habit of rapidly being transferred into formal proposals.

He confirmed the existence of the plot in the House of Lords by asking Foreign Office ministers to reveal what they knew about the merger discussions.

Lord Howell pointed out that the holder of this new office would be both Europe’s political and administrative leader, giving them even more powers than the U.S. president.

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