‘Azerbaijani youths are fully ready to liberate our lands’

Phantom Report Notes:
For those who are not familiar, I suggest you inform yourself.
We are sure that the Azerbaijani lands, including beautiful land of Karabakh will be liberated in the near future.

Naturally, this is not just a dream. We work uninterruptedly in liberating our lands, executive secretary and deputy chairman of the New Azerbaijan Party Ali Ahmadov has said.

According to Ahmadov, the power of our state, increasing military potential, consolidation of the economy and country’s position in the international arena gives strong basis for Azerbaijan to restore justice soon.

“Another important factor is that Azerbaijani youths are fully ready to liberate our lands. When the potential to liberate the lands through peace and negotiations is flat out exhausted, that will be the time when we will liberate our lands through the power of the state, might of our army and people and most importantly through determination of our youths.

All of us should be ready for that. Each and every Azerbaijani citizen should be ready for that and I know that they are. I’m fully convinced that Azerbaijan will restore its territorial integrity.”

Source: News.Az

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