Azerbaijan Denies Iranian Reports Of Tanks Massing On Border


Iranian media have reported that Azerbaijani tanks (made in Israel, naturally) have massed on the border with Iran, which Azerbaijan has called a “provocation.” This comes as tensions between the two neighbors are high due to Azerbaijan’s close relationship with Israel, which seems to be contemplating an attack on Iran.

Iranian television apparently started reporting the buildup of about 30 tanks in the middle of April, and residents of Imishli, on the Azerbaijan side of the border, started contacting media in Baku to see if the reports were true. One told, “We hear this news every day. This information has been repeated so often that we necessarily have to believe in it.” contacted the Azerbaijan Ministry of Defense spokesman Eldar Sabiroglu, who said it was a baseless provocation, and naturally brought Armenia into it:

“This is nonsense and stupidity. Naturally, the Armenian media immediately picked up the ‘information’ and raised such a howl, as if, Azerbaijan was ‘going to war’ not with Iran, but Armenia. They should worry that this day is not too far.”

Now, the commander of the Iranian Army’s Ground Forces, Brig. Gen Ahmad Reza Purdastan, has said that if there are Azerbaijani tanks on the border, they pose no threat to Iran, reports Mehr News (via BBC Monitoring):

In an interview with the agency, Purdastan noted that “I have no information about this issue. However, even if so, it is the usual thing and we do not have problems with our neighbours”.

“We do not think that this move of the Republic of Azerbaijan poses threat to us,” he said, adding that the movement of tanks was probably part of military drills.

So, that’s settled. But as long as Israel is threatening war with Iran, we can probably expect regular attempts to drag Azerbaijan into it.



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