Army Wants Soldiers’ Heads To Control Robots

Patching in the video from a Small Unmanned Ground-Vehicle is the easy part. The Army’s spent years working on helmet displays to get field imagery projected onto an eyepiece. Nett Warrior, the wearable suite of sensors and computers, already does that. One Darpa-funded firm is looking to get flying drone imagery and targeting data onto a pair of holographic goggles.

But the program, called Heads-Up Display for Control of Unmanned Ground Vehicles, goes beyond that. “Eye tracking is of equal interest for either helping direct the robot or for controlling aspects of the display,” the Army’s solicitation reads. “At the end of the contract, successful operation of the prototype system controlling a robot shall be demonstrated in a realistic outdoor environment.”

A voicemail to the Army’s program manager for the glasses project wasn’t immediately returned. And while the solicitation cites >>optics research and shows goggle displays from several >>companies, including some that peddle >>3D virtual reality simulation, those aren’t really applicable to controlling robots.

>> Wired

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