300 Mossad mercenaries operating in Tunisia

Source: RNV


300 mercenaries of the Israeli intelligence service, Mossad, operating in Tunisia, said Abdul Rauf al-Ayadi, head of the Loyalty to the fraction Tunisian Revolution, in an interview Wednesday with the Lebanese television station Al-Mayadeen.

Al-Ayadi, citing Tunisian security sources, added that the Mossad has established three centers in Tunisian territory in order to monitor the situation in Tunisia, Libya and Algeria.

After the revolution in Tunisia, the Mossad has increased its activity in the country with the assistance of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA, for its acronym in English).

Some political circles in Tunisia has not ruled that foreign hands, including Mossad, in the unrest in the country.

Hamma al-Hammami, general secretary of the Workers’ Party of Tunisia, said that the Israeli regime prevents any action to create strategic coalitions with parties that this regime and the United States considers outside its domain, thus thwarting added that benefits the Tunisian revolution Tel Aviv regime.

Also, the Israeli regime secretly moved the remains of a rabbi of Tunisia to the occupied Palestinian territories.

The revolution began in Tunisia on 17 December, when a street vendor, 26-year-old Mohammed Bouazizi, set himself on fire in protest against administrative abuses and economic problems of the country.

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